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Normanton Rehabilitation Clinic Phase 2

Role: Principal Architect

Builder: Bryant Building Contractors

Located in the remoteness of the Gulf of Carpentaria, this community training building responds to cultural sensibilities, environment and the functional needs of the indigenous health organisation managing the facility.


The building is part of a alcohol and other drugs voluntary rehabilitation accommodation. The purpose of the building is to deliver health and wellbeing preventative programs to the general community. 

The training building manages the balance between being accessible to the broader community whilst maintaining the privacy of residents in the accommodation areas. 

Views looking out to country were maximised within the constraints of views to traditional burial grounds and the privacy of clients in accommodation. 

Indij Design developed the finishes in collaboration with a local traditional owner artist and elder which reflect the colours of country from aerial view. The screen to the deck reference barramundi which are an important food source to the Guthaarn people and populate the Normanton River. The banding to the block work reference the nearby ochre pits.

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