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Community Arts Projects

Indij Design works with community arts initiatives to realise creative goals. We aspire to create with Country and Culture at the forefront of project delivery. This translates to working with mob from a place of honour and respect for Country and Culture.

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Flora and Fauna Nomore Collection

CIAF 2021

Fashion and Performance

Video footage courtesy of CIAF.

Videographer Threadless Films

Yarrabah Wearable Arts 2021

NIFA 2022 Community Collaborations Nominee

The theme of Sacred was intentionally embedded through the Yarrabah Wearable Arts project. The project commenced the ‘right’ way with a blessing and smoking ceremony on Aunty Gwen Schrieber's Country, the original camp ground of the Gunggandji people. Many of the project participants were present. Country was intentionally imbedded into the creative process. Charcoal extracted from the fire place was used to draw the conceptual artwork. The artwork and dress design content is centred on themes relating to ‘Sacredness’ either as an individual or group.

The project showcased the embedding of Country and cultural values in the creative process. Featured are the natural creativeness and seamstress expertise of the women’s elders group, and intergenerational learnings between Djunngaal elders and Yarrabah Arts and Cultural Centre (YACP). The textile art was created by Djunngaal members and YACP artists in collaboration with Indij Design. Technology will be used to take created artworks to textile through the creation of digital files and the collection will be showcased locally, at the regionally and nationally.

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