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CoCA Concept 3D Streetscape (SD)_001_Ed
CoCA Concept Fishtrap.jpg


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CoCA Concept Design Cairns

Architectural unbuilt work

Conceptual Design

The client brief was to develop ideas that would create a space that would become a hub for indigenous artists in performance, visual and musical arts. The facility is part of a broader cultural art precinct being encouraged by the Cairns Regional Council at the time. The client's instruction was to create a building with 'Wow' factor. 

The conceptual design celebrates the iconic fish trap well known to indigenous peoples of the region. The fish trap seemed an obvious response to the idea of catching peoples attention, especially given its location across the street from the Cairns Aquarium. Ideas included a mural wall that could feature different artists on a regular basis.


Indij Design were engaged by the Queensland Government to develop design ideas and project budgets for the redevelopment of the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns. 

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