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Midin Clinic

Role: Principal Architect

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Client: Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation Primary Health Care Service

From conception to completion the architectural and design team were able to transfer cultural ideas from local traditional owners and elders into the design for this building. As an organisation that caters for First Nations people this was important both to the community and Mulungu staff. The Mulungu Board's aim to set a high standard and to make people feel welcome and safe was achieved. Extended sight lines allow people to not feel being ‘boxed’ in while waiting. The design team collaborated with local First Nations people in the design showing great respect for the area that Midin Clinic services.

00_Midin_IndijDesign_Andrew Watson Photography.jpg
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Normanton Rehabilitation Clinic Phase 2

Role: Principal Architect

Builder: Bryant Building Contractors

Located in the remoteness of the Gulf of Carpentaria, this community training building responds to cultural sensibilities, environment and the functional needs of the indigenous health organisation managing the facility.

CoCA Concept Design Cairns

Architecture unbuilt work

Conceptual Design Phase

The conceptual design celebrates the iconic fish trap well known to indigenous peoples of the region. The fish trap seemed an obvious response to the idea of catching peoples attention, especially given its location across the street from the Cairns Aquarium. Ideas included a mural wall that could feature different artists on a regular basis.

CoCA Concept 3D Streetscape (SD)_001_Ed
Shields St 01.jpeg
Shields Street Heart, City Centre Alive, Cairns

Role: Indigenous Community Engagement

+ Design Guidance to CRC Landscape Architecture Team

Client: Cairns Regional Counci (CRC)

Shields Street Heart redevelopment embeds indigenous themes reflecting the unique rainforest and waterways of which the region is renowned throughout the world.

Warner Street, Cairns

Design Team: People Oriented Design with Indij Design

Client: Synapse

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

The Warner Street accomodation project is an example of Indij Design working collaboratively with other design practices. 

_MMP5209_Ed sm.jpg
DSC02027 Ed Ed.jpg

design review

+ artwork procurement

AFL Girls House 
Redlynch, Cairns

Role: Cultural Design Review +

Procurement of Artworks +

Design of Feature Entry Wall Collaboration with AFLCY and Indij Design

Client: AFLCY

Builder: HPS Contractors

The design review considered cultural behaviours, customs and beliefs requiring a response in the design to support safe and welcoming spaces for the indigenous boarders and staff.

JCU Indigenous Outdoor Learning Centre

Procument: Design and Construct

Indij Design Role: Architectural Design

Builder: Gilchrist Constructions

Engineers: STP Consultants

The Indigenous Outdoor Learning Centre (OLC) at JCU’s Douglas Campus demonstrates how indigenous traditional and contemporary ways of learning can be cleverly embedded into the built form. 



200320 Midin_Sunbird Lovers_Warm Palatte
Indij Prints

Exclusively licensing surface pattern art by Francoise Lane Art

At Indij Design we extend applied art into the built environment through the creation of soft furnishing textiles and print integration in architectural design. We believe quality art and design products should be accessible to all, so we make art product that combines our love of form and function that can be enjoyed in everyday life.

CIAF 2021 322.jpg
Community Arts Projects 

Indij Design works with community arts initiatives to realise creative goals. We aspire to create with Country and Culture at the forefront of project delivery. This translates to working with mob from a place of honour and respect for Country and Culture.

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